Five Things that Affect the Value of Your Incline Village Home for Sale

You may think that the sale price is the only factor when you’re looking at your home’s value and trying to set a price for your listing. But it’s actually a bit more complicated than that.

Here are five things that can affect the value of your home for sale in Incline Village that you might not be aware of:

1. New construction nearby

There is very little new construction in Incline Village due to limited lots available.  Although, there are a few new construction developments, such as Incline Creek Estates.  Since many buyers love brand-new homes, developments such as this will affect the value of your home for sale.

Incline Village Homes for Sale - Kitchen Tahoe Style

2. Renovations

Recently renovated homes typically sell for more than homes that haven’t been updated in a while. If you’ve recently remodeled your home—especially such sought-after areas as the kitchen or master bath—your home should be priced to reflect these changes .

3. Vacant lots

Not all lots are created equal. Even if the lot size is the same, a lot that can be easily built upon will get a better price than a hilly or rocky lot that needs a lot of preparation.

4. Listing price vs. sale price

Whether sellers actually get their asking price depends greatly on the market. When you’re pricing your home, it’s important to look at Sold prices, not just listing prices. This is just one reason that the listing price does not usually accurately reflect what a home will sell for.

5. Location

Various factors such as, how close the house is to local amenities and any possible noise issues can vary greatly within Incline Village.  Homes in more desirable neighborhoods will sell for a higher price, when all else is equal.Incline Village Home for Sale

It’s important to know the accurate value of your home before putting a price tag on it. So if you’re selling your home in Incline Village NV, don’t hesitate to give me call today!

Put my years of market experience to work for you.

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