How Much Can I Sell My Incline Village Home For?

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Planning to sell your Incline Village home?

When you have finally decided it is time to put your Incline Village home up for sale, the first question you will have thought of is how much you can you sell it for.

The price of your home requires the upmost consideration in the selling process. It determines how long your home will stay on the market.  

Pricing it too high will lead to buyers disinterest, which means the home will take a long time to sell. The worst thing that could happen is for your home to fall into the expired list.

Conversely, pricing it too low can take money off the table, but an underpriced home usually receives many offers, causing its market value to increase.

How do you know the correct price for your home?

Because the price of your home requires the upmost consideration in the selling process, you need the assistance of an experienced real estate agent like me, Peg Augustus.

The real estate agent’s experience plays a significant role in home pricing. Since not all agents are the same, you would be in a better and more secure position, if your agent is someone who has expertise and experience.

A tenured agent draws from experience and can strike a balance for a good price that will bring the best fair market value.

There are also tools you can use to get accurate information. You can request a Comprehensive Market Evaluation of your home from your real estate agent. This is a  detailed report that will help you properly determine a list price for your Incline Village home.

It contains comparables, a list of homes in your area sold in the past nine to twelve months. The comparables are homes similar in size and age to your home for sale, so you get an idea of what a good price range is.

It also has information about active listings in your neighborhood. Check out your competition and see what they have which can make a buyer prefer them over your home and do something about it.

The market condition also plays a role in your home’s price. Determine what type of market your location has. If you happen to be in a seller’s market, you are fortunate and can afford to increase the price of your Incline Village home for sale.

If you happen to find yourself in the buyer’s market, you may have to lower your listing price to secure a buyer.Incline Village NV Homes for Sale

Other factors to consider in pricing your home

Selling your home should be based on facts and data, not on your emotional investment in the home. Some sellers rely on what they ‘feel’ should be the price because of emotional ties.

Before you decide on the price, evaluate your home and ask yourself these questions?

1. What upgrades or improvements have you done to the home?

Perhaps you added a patio in the backyard or a deck,  or updated the kitchen or added a bathroom to the home. Maybe you converted the extra bedroom into a home theater. These things will be considered by the real estate agent and added into your home’s value.

2. Have you done any landscape enhancements?

Maybe you’ve had your front lawn professionally landscaped, or you’ve spruced up your garden with native plants and added trees. Have you added an outdoor firepit to your home? All this will be included in pricing your Incline Village home for sale.

3. Have you updated any lighting fixtures or kitchen appliances?

Light fixtures don’t cost much but combined with a kitchen or bathroom makeover, can add a significant value to your home’s price.

If you want more tips on how to add value to your home, visit my website at

Pricing your Incline Village home does not need to be difficult and stressful. With my help, we can come up with a market price that will be fair to you and the buyer. Call me, Peg Augustus, at 775-336-8631.

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