Selling Your Home in Incline Village NV

Home in Incline Village NV

You have decided to sell your home in Incline Village NV?  Great idea. So… what’s next?

Let’s face it. Selling a home is not an easy task. Where do you start? What should you do?
You can feel lost just as you would if you were tracking in the woods without a GPS, not knowing where to turn.
There are a lot of things to consider when selling a home. But there is one particular thing that you should remember.

Real Estate Properties in Incline Village NV

Two heads are always better than one, even when selling a home

This is the most important step for every home seller not only in Incline Village NV, but for everyone else out there. If you haven’t figured out what it is yet, then it is this:

Find a good real estate agent. Someone who is willing to do the work for you and put in some extra. Someone who is driven, responsible and make sure that you can put aside your worries about your home and its sale.

Someone like me! Don’t underestimate what I can do for you. I can work wonders to get your home sold. You won’t regret listing your property with me and my team!

To see what I can really do, you can check out my website at and afterwards, you can contact me at 775-831-2846 and we can talk about how I can attend to your interests! 🙂

Real Estate Agent in Incline Village NVHere are two tasks that you won’t need to do anymore. Why? Because I can do them for you!

1. Loosen up those home for sale listings

Yes, people would love a two-story house with 6 bedrooms, a convenient floor plan for the living room, kitchen and dining area, and also a nice view of the landscape in both the first floor and second floor. But sometimes, all those features that we glorify about can sound pretty repetitive, even boring, to our buyers.

So, instead of just going on and on about the same facts, I tried something new. I went outside one home I had in Incline Village NV that was for sale and wrote down what I love about it. I did the same thing inside, too!

I put together the notes I took and combined them with the features I showcased and now this listing shines above all the other homes on the market in Incline Village.

2. Promote your home for sale in Incline Village on social media

With me by your side, you can rest well knowing that your listing is on the different social media platforms and is getting the view it deserves! Me and my team of professionals will make sure that your listing is not only broadcasted in your Incline Village NV area, but even to the other ends of the globe! Does that sound good?

As much as we love to take pictures of ourselves and post it online, we can do the same thing for the homes you want to sell. I’m not kidding! If I can share that picture on Facebook and it gets viewed by let’s say, 200 people, and 50 of those people shared your picture, and take note that this is on only 1 of the many different social media platforms we have nowadays, do you know how much views your home will get? Lots. What if all the members of my team did the same thing? How many views is that? Lots and lots! We will not stop until that home is sold!

Are you ready? If you are then call me, Peg Augustus, TODAY at 775-831-2846 to get your Incline Village property on the market!

Peg Augustus - REALTOR®

REALTOR @ Lakeshore Realty
954 Lakeshore Blvd. Incline Village, NV 89451

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