What to Expect From A Top Incline Village Real Estate Agent

Top Incline Village Real Estate Agent in Incline Village NV

Be a proactive home-seller and select the top real estate agent

Are you considering selling your home?

Top Incline Village Real Estate Agent

The days of sticking a sign on your front lawn and waiting for buyers to come are long over.

These days, if you want to sell your Incline Village home and do it fast, you need to be proactive. Considering how competitive the housing market is these days, you cannot expect for buyers to come knocking on your door without you doing anything.

And you need the help of a real estate agent. Not just anyone will do. You need someone who has the skills and years of experience. Real estate agents have varying skills, and you would want the assistance of the best Incline Village real estate agent.

That would be me, Peg Augustus.

What sets me apart from the rest

You probably wonder what sets me apart from others.  After all, there are plenty of real estate agents who claim the title of being the best.

Two things make me stand out from my colleagues in the real estate business.

One, I focus only on Incline Village.

How does that help? Because I only work in Incline Village, I have a better knowledge of this community than other real estate agents.

I am familiar with the streets and surrounding areas. Name your Incline Village home for sale  and I can tell you a landmark close to your home. My intimate knowledge of Incline Village helps me in establishing your home’s correct market value.

Two, I have more than 30 years of experience to back me up.

I have been representing buyers and sellers in Incline Village for over 30 years.

So when you list with me, you get exceptional service and skills other real estate agents cannot offer.

And my years of working in Incline Village has allowed me to establish a relationship of trust with the community. They have come to know me well, so they come back yearly, either to sell their home or to purchase new ones for their family members.

You can learn more about me and my work here http://www.HomesForSaleInclineVillage.com/about/.

What can you expect from a top Incline Village real estate agent like me?

1. Your home’s listing value is its right market price.  Correctly pricing your home in the current market.

I will make sure that your home is listed at the right market value. My understanding of the market and Incline Village comparables come into play here, and makes it easier for me to peg the right price, unlike when you decide to price on your own. And if your home is priced right, it is easier to sell without you feeling like it is undervalued.

2. Better home staging.

As a top realtor, I ensure your home is seen in the best light, be it in person or through photos.  After all, staging matters. How your home looks and the first impression it gives can make or break a possible offer. 

Remember that there are no second chances when it comes to real estate. You either impress buyers at first glance or you don’t. When your home is properly staged, it attracts and holds the attention to itself.

3. Your home will have more exposure through online listings and social media.

These days, most buyers check the internet first before they actually visit the home. I can make sure your home for sale in Incline Village is included in the online listing so you get viewers from potential buyers from all around the world.

4. Leave all the negotiation and headaches to me.

Home selling can be stressful and challenging, especially for first time sellers. Negotiations can be difficult to manage. I’ll help you with resolving concerns and any situations that may arise from home selling. 

Real estate transactions also come with a mountain of paperwork. I will ensure that every small bit of paperwork is completed accurately and on time. 

5. See fast results.

Listing with a top realtor like me means faster home selling. This is because I have all the right tools and network to get your home information out there for more potential buyers to see.

As you can see, there are many excellent reasons why you should list your Incline Village home for sale with me.

Best Incline Village Real Estate Agent

And I hope that in the end, we can develop a good relationship that you would want to work with me again on some future endeavor, whether you are going to be buying or selling another Incline Village home.

Call me, Peg Augustus, at 775-336-8631. As the top Incline Village real estate agent, I can help you whether you are looking for a home to buy or planning to sell your Incline Village home.


In case you can not view this video here, please click the link below to view What to Expect From A Top Incline Village Real Estate Agent on my YouTube channel: https://youtu.be/xRxupGrwbi0

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